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No Diets

Thats true, absolutely no diets or calorie counting. We realize that the body weight is governed not by the food / calories that you eat but the way your body processes it.

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No Exercise

Weight loss achieved with exercising and dieting will surely bounce back as you cannot diet / exercise throughout your life. The moment you give it up all your effort goes in vain and you have to start again.

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Every patient is studied and taken care of individually. Changes are brought about from within the body and not superficially. Known to be absolutely safe from any side-effects.

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Money back guarantee

To make you feel safe and confident with us, we give you a written money back guarantee. Be it any reason - if you dont lose weight - you get a refund.

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Basic Concept

Food & exercise is a small part of our body metabolism . With us you only follow a regular routine on a daily basis - and we correct your metabolism and make you lose weight.

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We provide healthcare services which employ Homeopathy as the primary mode of treatment. We are committed to do whatever it takes to provide you with never before results and we make sure that they are absolutely free from any sort of side-effects. We understand that health is all that matters and can assure that you can leave your health concerns with us.

The physicians at Jalan Healthcare are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. Here, our experts take an individualized approach to patient care - recognizing that no two cases are exactly alike.

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Doing exercise to lose weight is of no help,exercises are done to make you increase your muscle bulk. Also you'll end up gaining weight when you stop your exercising routine.

Do not starve in order to lose weight;you don't lose your fats instead you end up losing your muscular strength. Also you increase the risk of suffering from gall stones when you starve.

Do not avoid your breakfast or try to skip meals, it does not help you lose weight; it might even make you gain weight as the body starts conserving energy.
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